The exercises in each workshop are built to allow you to work at your own pace and will include a hand out to continue training at home. Workshops we will offer will include, but are not limited to, Who’s Walking Who? An introduction to leash manners, Check out That Dog! Fancy party tricks, and What’s that? A how to on introducing your puppy to new environments, people, and other dogs.

Workshop Requirements

Workshops are one 60 minutes long session
Proof of parvo/distemper and rabies vaccines required.
Workshops limited to eight dogs per session.


Rates are subject to change with each workshop

dogholdingleash3 Week Leash Manners/Recall (Come)

When you take your dog for a walk does it feel like your arm is being pulled out of the socket? Or is he so distracted he is sniffing everything in sight? Maybe your dog runs away from you any chance he gets. If these sound like you, then come out for a 3 week course of leash manners and recall! You will learn how to get your dog to focus on you and not pull while on a walk, how to get your dog to come, off leash skills, and the fundamentals of STAY.

When: Tuesday July 29 – August 12, 7-8pm
Where: Riverview Community Center, 90 Ashland Ave, Wpg, MB – OUTSIDE
Price: $75/workshop – 10% off for all dogs adopted from a rescue/shelter
Please contact us to register!