Deanne Peterson, The Fur Nanny

Deanne and The Black Pack

Deanne and The Black Pack

I’ve known Dez now for three years and have seen her transform into a knowledgeable and inspirational pet owner/instructor. I first met Dez through my volunteer work with dog rescues in Manitoba. We quickly became good friends and now volunteer together with Manitoba Underdogs Rescue and DREAM.

When working with fosters and my own dogs, I take my training cues from Dez. She has a great foundation based on Positive Reinforcement Training. I love this training approach because it keeps things light and fun for my dog and myself.

One of our dogs, Shodan, struggles with anxiety. Since we regularly have new fosters/client pets in our home, it’s important for us to introduce the dogs properly to keep on top of Shodan’s anxiety. One of our mama dogs, Wonder, was quite the handful and was causing mega stress on Shodan. Dez gave us some great tips to help reduce the stress on both dogs. We worked on BAT training with both dogs as well as desensitization exercises with each dog individually. Dez’s recommendations and support made a positive difference for both Shodan and Wonder! We were so grateful to be able to create a calm atmosphere to allow both dogs to thrive.

Thank you Dez and Animal Instincts for the continued advice and support with our dogs! We’d be lost without you.

Jessica Hansen, Exec Dir, Manitoba Underdogs Rescue

Jess and her rescue pup, Treble

Jess and her rescue pup, Treble

Dez and I first met through a mutual friend that we both do volunteer work with in the dog rescue community. Over the  last year, she has become a huge asset to our rescue through her support  and knowledge. Dez has volunteered with several animal rescues in  Manitoba, gaining knowledge, support and  respect from all of them. She truly enjoys working with dogs and meeting as many as she can; all breeds, sizes and shapes!

There have been several cases with foster dogs in our care where Dez has been a necessity in helping the foster homes with behavior and training. She helped a dog from a remote community with extreme fear issues,  another with anxiety, separation anxiety and on-leash reactivity. It is easy for foster homes to quickly become overwhelmed when their dog is acting out, but between Dez’s flawless people skills and knowledge, not a single foster home gave up on their  dogs. Each and every one of those dogs pushed passed their issues and  are thriving!

I hold Dez in high regard. She has been an amazing  addition to our team, and I feel confident that no matter what the issue, our Underdogs are in the right hands!